Honors and Awards

  • Science Academy BAGEP (Young Scientist Awards Program) Award 2019
  • Everett E. Gilbert Memorial Prize (The University of Chicago)  2009
  • McCormick Fellowship 2006-2008
  • Graduate School Full Scholarship (The University of Chicago) 2006-2012
  • Tubitak Graduate Scholarship 2005-2006
  • Tubitak Undergraduate Scholarship  2001-2005
  • METU (Middle East Technical University) Success Scholarship  2001-2005
  • Ranked 90th in OSS National University Entrance Exam (among over 1.5 million participants) 2001
  • Gold Medal, 33rd International Chemistry Olympiad  (Mumbai, India) 2001
  • Gold Medal, 8th National Chemistry Olympiad  (Ankara, Turkey) 2000
  • Gold Medal, 32nd International Chemistry Olympiad  (Copenhagen, Denmark) 2000
  • Bronze Medal, 7th National Chemistry Olympiad (Ankara, Turkey) 1999
  • Ranked 12th in National Science High Schools Entrance Exam 1998

Professional Affiliations


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